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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lights, camera, action....

Images, music, sounds and non verbal communication put together is cinema. Its a vision beyond eyes encapsulating an entire organic osmosis as well as transformation on a personal level. There is a natural visualization in an actor. Every actor visualizes and searches for an interest which can make him go for that film, even if the character is not close to him on a personal level, Yet every actor tries to relate to the character. . In that process you develop or find an objective. Every actor or performer is schizophrenic that way. The reason is maximum optimisation. It has a lot to do with your individual inner self. Hence your objective, as an actor or even assistant director can never be the same as the director. Your objective can be in contrast to the director's, yet it shouldn't be contradictory. The overall objective cannot be forsaken. A Synchronization is necessary.

     Aamir Khan always wished to be a director ,but destiny had different plans. He could fulfill his dream after spending more than a decade as actor. Understanding objectives as actor as well as director put many directors and actors before and behind the camera. Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor worked as Bhansali's assistants. Ranbir, if it is to be believed wanted to be a director as well. This third eye vision develops as the creative journey proceeds. A creative journey which is a part of every artist. It develops with the number of flicks one does. Its a creative transformation which is quite different from biological journey. It is kind of a third eye vision, its like growing up as an actor and adding the fourth dimension. Living characters is not about putting a new mask, a new face. Is acting about putting on a mask ? no it isn't. Its an abrasion , unplanned peel off process rather than brushing it with a new colour or putting on a new mask. A very few people will understand this, however acting is not putting on a mask but it is an obsession and a peel off process which follows each other. Obsessions are not meant forever, though ! Putting on a new mask is not a part of yours. Its an inside out , not an outside in process. Its about an obsession , Its about forgetting yourself to discover yourself which you live day in and day out, and some day you shed it and move on.
      Objective is different from methods, methods are deployed to attain the objective of your individuality. Methods have more to do with execution. Objective is neither methods nor results. May be, This entire free flowing process fitting in the scheme of things with different objectives yet not contradictory, is the source of a legendary charm of the legends . In that process you stumble across various sides , you can't say aren't yours. Its your schizophrenic side at work, which is not deliberately put in. A self seduction process where you try seducing yourself as an actor. I don't know how would it feel playing a role, where you gotta hate yourself. The interest and objective is an innate bit of your own personality, what falsetto is for A.R Rehman, a free spirited soul touch for Pritam , intensity for SRK, non judgemental straight forward portrayal for Prakash Jha.
    What you ask from yourself is what you cherish the most as an actor ? Can there be an innocence and honesty, while performing a role, a childlike passion, sheer love for that journey and an obsession for the portrayal of the unprecedented not to be done again. The course changes, destination changes but on the path of the same journey, introducing a new you to yourself. You can't really react to all the experiences on the way. May be, this belief as an actor keeps you going that you will be able to express and portray it someday. After lights, camera, action are done....some reactions can really be a mystery, and it is mystic in both senses.

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